Kibana querys

Hello everybody!
I have next questions:

  1. I have 3 fields: Peoples(Name) and Orders(number of orders on the website).
    One person can order 2 books, second - 3 and etc.
    I need to count, how many orders person has and visualize it in datatable with his ID.
    How can I do it in kibana?
    2)Can I make a query in kibana, like in sql, using WHERE, GROUP BY,Count,If and etc.
    Many thanks!

Hello Sergey,

Elasticsearch is not a SQL database, so you cannot just use SQL queries (though there are efforts to build a layer, that accepts SQL plugins - though that doesn't mean that will ever be possible inside Kibana).

In Elasticsearch you work a lot with aggregation to aggregate (GROUP BY) your data together, and with filters and queries to filter it (WHERE).

What you are looking into is most likely, doing a terms aggregation on the customer_id (or whatever it's called) field. That way you would get the count of documents for each customer_id. If you have a field in there with the actual amount that was ordered, instead of using the count aggregation as a metrics aggregation, you could switch to a sum aggregation on that field. Now the value wouldn't be the amount of documents, but the actual sum of all orders in those documents.


Thank you Tim for reply!
I already found an easy way to do it)

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