Canvas time filter < 24 hours

Is it possible to configure the time filter element to filter on a shorter period than 24 hours? Say, for example, 1 minute, or 15 minutes?

Currently, there is no way to do this from the UI. If you want to change the code directly , You can add your own custom quick ranges to this array inHere

we have this issue here to make the time picker customizable in the advanced settings


Thanks, Rashmi. It looks like my files are arranged a little different, but I found that section in:


I added the following entry:

{ from: 'now-15m', to: 'now', display: 'Last 15 minutes' }

I restart Kibana, but am not seeing the 15 minute time period. Is there a cache that I need to flush or something for the change to take effect?


Tagging @Catherine_Liu - to shed more light here.


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