Cartesian coordinate support in ES

Hi. I'm new to ES and I was wondering if elastic search supports cartesian geometric data or if I have to do a custom implementation.

Basically, I have points in a plane and I want to be able to do aggregates such as returning the count of the number of points in boxes of size dx, dy. I want there to not be a limit on the axis lengths (at least not as small as 180). All my searches so far have led to geoshape and the geopoint data type, but it won't work for our purposes since this is a spherical coordinate system and not a 2d cartesian coordinate system.

Thanks for the help!

AFAIK it doesn't directly, but you could probably adapt it to as lat/lon are the same idea (well, numerically) just for geography.

Thanks for the response. I don't think lat/lon will work for our case though based on what I see (bounded by 180, only integer values can be used for precision parameter, and I imagine there are issues involve in using latitude/longitude for 2 dimensional coordinate system). I'm curious, is this something I can add to elasticsearch? I know that mysql supports geometric spatial data and I was wondering if you think this would be useful for elasticsearch.

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