Case Connectors


Really like the Kibana case functionality. Unfortunately we aren't working with any of the supported case connector tools.

Out ITSM tool is Ivanti Heat, which is not a small player in the ITSM market, see:

Is there any chance a connector for Ivanti Heat ( could be added some day?

If not, can we try adding this functionality ourselves with a webhook or so? Tried to add a test webhook, but the connector did not appear when trying to edit case settings.

Imho, it would be nice if there was a button, which would create a Heat incident once, with all the info in the case. (one-way).



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Willem, thanks for sharing your current ITSM tool. Ivanti is not on our immediate roadmap, but we are tracking major players in the space as we continue to build out new connectors. In the interim, all our cases work is exposed at the API level and documented here:



I would like to add that Cases do not support webhook connectors. I will bring it to my team to discuss it.



That would be awesome. For us it would be super useful if we could initiate a webhook with a manual action. A lot of Elastic Security cases tend to be created, but not all are worthy of an ITSM ticket. A simple button which we could link to a webhook which can create an Ivanti Heat Incident would be a great addition.

Thanks for considering this @christos.nasikas

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