Inquiry Regarding the "Webhook - Case Management" Connector's Transition from Technical Preview

Hello Elastic Community,

I am currently considering the integration of a "Webhook - Case Management" connector with our IT Service Management (ITSM) system. Given its current status as a feature in technical preview, I'm seeking clarification on its developmental trajectory.

Is there any projected timeline for this feature's advancement out of technical preview? As much as this integration seems promising, I am hesitant to allocate resources towards a feature that might be subject to significant changes or possible discontinuation.

Your guidance or insights into the development roadmap for this feature would greatly aid in our decision-making process.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,


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cc @christos.nasikas any inputs?


Hey @willemdh! The plan is to make the "Webhook - Case Management" GA at some point. I cannot foresee any significant changes but small breaking changes may introduced. I will discuss it with the team about making the connector GA. I would love to hear your feedback about the connector, if it meets your needs, and if you need any extra functionality.


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