Case insensitive search in terms query

Is it possible to make terms query case insensitive ? The fields being queried are text field.

Not really. Use a match query instead.

Either, I can send exact terms to terms query, which is faster(since its not analyzing)
or I can compromise on the speed and do the case insensitive search on query_string or match.

Did I get it right?

Well. I'm not sure you really see the difference between a Term query and a Match query regarding to the response time.
Do you see any significant difference?

I haven't seen any significance difference yet in my query time. Theoretically, since terms query don't analyze before running the query it is faster than the one which analyzes. Isn't it ?

Sure. But are we speaking of nanoseconds?

Yes! Thats the reason i don't see any significant difference in my real time scenarios.

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