Case sensitivity question

I have a question about case sensitivity in autocomplete searches vs. in search filters.

If I type "search term", "Search Term", or "SEARCH TERM" in the autocomplete (implemented using the Swiftype jQuery autocomplete plugin) I get the same results.

I have implemented the filtering functionality of the Search API using some form fields, and if I enter the same terms as above, I only get results when the case matches what is in the index.

I suspect this is because autocomplete searches are suggest queries while filters are full text queries, but I can't find where it states this in the documentation.

If that is the case, is there a way to make filters work as suggest queries (i.e. case-insensitive)?

Hi James,

Your assessment is correct — full text queries are not case-sensitive but filters are. There isn't a way to make the filters case-insensitive. We can look into better docs for this.


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