Cat API for Java

(Gunho Shin) #1

Hi, I trying to development for my service using ES.
Java API doesn't support cat API? I tried to find cat API for java, but can't found it.
I could try to REST cat API using Java's URLConnection or other REST template libraries, but I don't like it.

(David Pilato) #2

Cat is just a REST endpoint which simplifies end user calls.

As a Java dev, you can execute same cat internal calls. Have a look at this package

(ravinder reddy) #3

hi @dadoonet , how can we call this api. i tried using elasticsearch transport client and could not find anything .

Could you please sample snippet of code to get. for example, for action "_cat/indices". I am struck up with this , please help me.

(Nik Everett) #4

You can't call the APIs from java. You can use the rest controllers as
references for how you can make the same sequence of calls that they do.

(system) #5