How to do _cat/indices/<index_name_with_reg_ex> in JAVA

I have some indexes with name test-1-in, test-2-in, test-3-in. I want to do _cat/indices/test-*-in from JAVA API. How to do this?

You can't call cat API from transport client. It's a REST API only.

But you can look at the source code to see how it's implemented behind the scene and do the same thing from the transport client.

Thanks @dadoonet. I dug into _cat implementation and found out what they are doing. Here it is:

final ClusterStateRequest clusterStateRequest = new ClusterStateRequest();
final IndicesOptions strictExpandIndicesOptions = IndicesOptions.strictExpand();
ClusterStateResponse clusterStateResponse = client.admin().cluster().state(clusterStateRequest).get(); 

This will give all indexes. After that the reg ex matching has to be done manually.

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