CCR on Elastic Cloud

We'd like to set up CCR between two 6.7.2 clusters in the same ES Cloud region.
However, CCR seems to be disabled by default on Elastic Cloud (i.e. xpack.ccr.enabled is false in the nodes and cluster settings).

Does anyone know how / where to enable it? Unless I missed something in the documentation, there's no mention anywhere of how to enable that feature.

Thanks in advance.

Oh my...

On the subscriptions page, I see this mention in the fine print:

Cross-cluster replication *
* Feature is currently not available in deployments on Elastic Cloud Enterprise

I guess I have my answer... :thinking:

Anyone from Elastic knows when this feature is scheduled to be enabled on ES Cloud?

We're about to start working on it - it's a high prio item on our roadmap, we're not at a position to give out ETAs yet but will likely be in a couple of versions or so

Sorry about that!


Thank you very much for chiming in @Alex_Piggott, much appreciated!
I'm deleting my ES Cloud clusters for now and will wait until this gets implemented.

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