ECE supports CCR in latest release of 7.7 version?

Dear Team,
You all are doing really a fantastic job in releasing new capabilities much faster to the market, appreciate all of you. With latest release of 7.7 I wanted to check whether Enterprise subscription supports Cross Cluster Replication? It was not supported earlier I believe

Hey there @bharat1,

Thanks for reaching out. You are correct CCR between replication in different ECE installations is still not support and will be available in the future ECE version. In the meantime, if possible, we recommend looking into using other methods to replicate data such as fork on write, remote re-index, periodic restore from snapshot, and so on.

If relevant please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team so we can try and assist with a short term solution.

Hi @zanbel,
Thanks for your response. So out of these possible work around which one gives better performance and stable results?

It's not so much about performance and stability. It's mostly about what are your requirements and how does your setup looks like.

E.g. if you need the data to be available at the same time in both locations forking the writes and indexing to both clusters in parallel is the way to go. However, it raises other questions about how to handle failure to a single cluster for example, and in most cases will require an event bus like Logstash or Kafka.

If you are ok with syncing data every X hours for example maybe restore from snapshot or remote re-index will be a better option.

Since you have ECE license you, or someone from your team, should have access to support. I suggest starting a conversion with our support team and they should be able to help.

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