CCS set-up


On 2 locations I setup an elasticsearch cluster. Both run ok individually. Both also have a coordinating node. These nodes I want to connect to eachother to be able to do cross cluster search.

So in the yml files is set (of course with respectively the name of the other coordinating node):

    node.remote_cluster_client: true
          seeds: serverx.domainx:9300
          transport.ping_schedule: 30s
          skip_unavailable: true

So both nodes point to each other.

However, I cannot start these nodes because each of them complains that it cannot get info from the remote cluster and exits elasticsearch. How do I start it up? Do I need to seed 2 hosts? (I read somewhere best was to use coordinating node for this). Or something else?

Started now by removing the clustersettings (except client) from one of them, then starting the other and then added clustersettings again and restarting the first too.

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