Dedicated Coordinating Nodes With Cross Cluster Searching

I'm using Elastic v7.3 and trying to figure out how to utilize coordinating-only nodes with Cross-cluster searching.

My hope is to have Kibana query two coordinating-only nodes in each cluster. However, I'm seeing in the documentation that I need to have cluster.remote.connect: false. Will this still allow Kibana to connect to both remote clusters? If so, what is the purpose of cluster.remote.connect?

Also, in kibana.yml, I have a setting I'm not sure about:

# The URL of the Elasticsearch instance to use for all your queries.
elasticsearch.hosts: "http://localhost:9400"

Which is pointing to a coordinating node on running on the same host as Kibana - is this bottlenecking my setup? When I have cross-cluster search enabled, is elasticsearch.hosts just ignored?

My questions were answered in the kibana forums.

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