Cross-cluster-search setup and r/w to ES


I was reading about the cross cluster search but I have few questions that are not clear to me from the online resources, sicne I haven't worked before with tribe nodes which is maybe why for me a bit harder to understand its architecture.

  1. Does cross cluster allow read/write (sync across two geo sites) operations or only facilitate remote search ?

  2. if I have 2 clusters each has 3 data nodes 2 master and 2 coordinating nodes, would each node in the two clusters need to be configured for cross cluster search, or only certain nodes ? If I got this right I think the master nodes will have the remote cluster info, but im confused about the rest.

  3. from the elastic website: "Those seed nodes are used to discover nodes in the remote cluster which are eligible as gateway nodes", can someone help me understand in the case of my cluster architecture would I have to add extra "seed" nodes, or are they my coordinating nodes ? and what would be my gateway eligible nodes in this case ?

  4. Do I need two Kibana's one per cluster for any reason, or one Kibana should be ok.

BTW we are trying to stay away from using tribe nodes since they will be removed at some point, and now deprecated for new versions.

Thank you!

  1. Search only. Writes need to be directed to a specific cluster
  2. I'd use the coord nodes
  3. See 2
  4. Depends how tolerant you want to be, most people go with one

That's bad, see Important Configuration Changes | Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide [2.x] | Elastic

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Thank you for your response!

so to make sure I got this right:

  1. Can I just make all my data nodes remote search enabled and then the coordinate nodes are going to be my gateway nodes ?
  2. Do I need the remote cluster info defined within my master nodes ,as I have indicated above ?
  3. finally, for using one Kibana lets say I have cluster A and B each in a different DC. Can I direct my Kibana to both clusters ? would that be something Kibana will be fine with ?
  1. Yes but you may want to make the clients the seed and gateway nodes
  2. You shouldn't, just the seed nodes
  3. No, KB can only connect to a single cluster. 5.5 will support cross-cluster search (afaik)

Thanks for your help and response!

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