Central Management and Docker

Thank you for your amazing products. I'm trying to use Central Management to configure filebeats that run in their own Docker containers. The problem is that the filebeat containers may restart, and when this happens, the filebeat is registered as a new beat in Central Management. I would like to know if there is a way to have "unique" beats in Central Management, so that if a filebeat with a given name or tag attempts to register again, it is not registered as a new beat.

Thanks again

@Rasmus_Fredensborg_J Thanks for looking at Central Management! Today we do not have this option, but we plan to have the enroll subcommand to support specifying the tag https://github.com/elastic/beats/issues/9596

Since you are using Docker did you take a look at the autodiscover docker, this might be more appropriate for your use case?

After talking with the team, my solution would work in your case, but what you actually want is support for ephemeral client, we are planning to support that use case for APM but we do not have a clear plan for it yet.

Thank you for your very quick response, @pierhugues! I will look into the autodiscover docker configuration :smiley:

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