Central Management: output module


I want to configure the following output using beat central management:

    hosts: [""]
    username: "user"
    password: "psw"
    pipeline: "metricbeat_enrich"
    protocol: https
      certificate: "/opt/ELK/certs/node.crt"
      certificate_authorities: "/opt/ELK/certs/ca.crt"
      key: "/opt/ELK/certs/node.key"
      key_passphrase: ${es_psw}
    enabled: true

how can I

  1. configure pipeline, protocol and ssl (Other config section is missing in output configuration block)
  2. add configuration on top level like xpack.monitoring (is there a custom config block containing only Other config)
  3. set a keystore value for es_psw

Thank you for your help in advance!

For which topics you want to have a github feature requests?

Then in Central Management you create tags and create the output configuration with this tag. The output config pane includes an editor for adding custom settings.

  • Pipeline: you need to have the pipeline preinstalled in your cluster. Just add pipeline: metricbeat_enrich to the custom editor
  • Protocol: you can use the custom setting. But better configure the host to be In this case the protocol setting will be ignored.
  • SSL: you can configure the ssl settings in the custom editor. But the certificates and key file must be available on the machine the beat is running on.
  • Configure xpack.monitoring: This is currently not possible. You have to keep it enabled
  • set a keystore value for es_psw. The keystore must be available local on the machine. You will have to prepare and install the keystore similar to your certificates. This is currently not possible via Central Management.

Thank you for the quick response. I am using Kibana 6.5.4-1 with Firefox 60.4.0esr and see this output config pane

I find no place to enter the custom settings.

Is this provided in a later release or what I am doing wrong?

To do this is something not currently supported for output configs in Beats CM. We are evaluating options to enable a feature like this, and look forward to supporting it in a future release

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