Central Watcherconfig File for multiple Watchers

Is it possible to have a central script where all the Watcherconfigs e.g threshold, triggerinterval... are saved and accessible for multiple watchers. Similar to the possibility to have the condition in a single script. If so, how can that be done and where can that be uploaded?

	"metadata": {
		"name": "name",
		"watcherconfig": {
			"trigger_interval_unit": "m",
			"agg_type": "avg",
			"time_field": "@timestamp",
			"trigger_interval_size": 5,
			"term_size": 5,
			"time_window_unit": "d",
			"threshold_comparator": "<",
			"term_field": null,
			"index": ["index*"],
			"time_window_size": 1,
			"threshold": 0.5,
			"agg_field": null


this is currently not possible. You will need to put this in every watch. Maybe a deployment tool can help you with scripting those watches together. I created a prototype some time ago, that may help you to get some more ideas about that.


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Thank you I'll check this out.

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