CEPH Storage For Elasticsearch

We are planning to create an Elasticsearch cluster over Kubernetes, and for this CEPH distributed file system would be used as Storage, I understand that elastic recommends using local storage, however are there any known performance issues or other issues in general using CEPH. Has anyone from elastic tested Elasticsearch 7 on CEPH storage?

I did a quick search and found the following reasonably recent threads:

I am not aware of any recent changes that would change the recommendations in these posts.

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On CEPH it works .. but its quite slow. You might face multiple Timeout Issues for internal operations of Elasticsearch and some of your own operations you would be performing on Elasticsearch Cluster.

You might split the roles of Nodes ... to have less overhead on actual data nodes ...

For licensed elasticsearch cluster, would the elasticsearch support team help with issues arising on cluster running ceph storage?
Can someone from elasticsearch answer this?

It sort of depends what you mean by "support". Everyone gets the same level of help, which includes assistance with diagnosing performance issues, but if the diagnosis determines your storage is too slow for your needs (or behaves incorrectly under load) then that's something you would be responsible for fixing.

Distributed storage is slower than local storage because that's how physics works unfortunately, it's not something you can work around with a support contract.


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