Certain text values not displaying when bucketed in visuals

Hey Guys,

I am stuck with a strange issue. I have a field which contains the first 50 characters of an error log.

All values appear when i search for events via "Discover".

However, when trying to bucket by the field in a visual some values in this field are not being included. Any ideas why this might be? Could it be invalid characters?




your are very likely running into this problem: Cannot display string in a visualization table of more than 256 letters

If your field is indexed as keyword and the length of the content is longer than ignore_above, it will show up in Discover (because it uses the _source object), but it won't work in visualizations, because aggregations are done on the indexed values (and everything above ignore_above is not indexed).

Increasing the value in your mapping and re-ingesting existing data should fix the problem.

If this doesn't help, please share the mapping of your index here, maybe something else is going wrong.

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