Unable to display large text fields in Kibana Markdown visualization

I have one field store in ES that has a big length, around 35.000 - 40.000 characters.
They are stored correctly in ES, I can see them in Discover page, but when I want to use them in a markdown visualization (Time Series) it is said that no data is depicted in, no records found.
Is there a property to change?
To consider large String fields?

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Hi @Alice_Ionescu

is the field mapped as keyword as well?

Yes, it is

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Thread is open now @Alice_Ionescu but it does not seem that it is getting much response.

Perhaps re-add a bit of detail...

Unfortunatly... Not all questions get answered we do our best.

Heya @Marco_Liberati any thoughts on this? We have a couple users asking the same question.

@Alice_Ionescu can you share the mapping of the field?

I am wondering if there's any ignore_above property configured on that field mapping which could prevent data from being stored.


I did increase the ignore_above limit to the field to the max supported by ES. But with no success. The field is still not displayed, even though his length is smaller than 32766
Here is the mapping of my field.

                "jpegPhoto": {
                  "type": "text",
                  "fields": {
                    "keyword": {
                      "type": "keyword",
                      "ignore_above": 32766


If the string is 35000-40000 chars long is bigger than the limit of 32766.

yes, indeed.
But with what I've tested is smaller than "ignore_above": 32766

Mind that discover will show text values, if the main mapping has that, not keyword if it's a subfield.

In Lens can you open the Inspect panel and check the response from ES?
The visualization will retrieve values from there.