Cannot aggregate in visualize section (on 5.3)

Hi everyone!

I am trying since a moment to create a data-table on a field that contains long text.
But I am not able to get what I would (I just want to show the text of this field )

I know I have 6 documents / 1384 that contains string it this fields (and others contain null) but in visualize I cannot select "fields.validationSchemaErrors" only "fields.validationSchemaErrors.raw" and if I aggregate on "fields.validationSchemaErrors.raw" it only show the null elements ..

In management I have this

From the discover I can see the field contains text in 6 documents

In the visualize section I have this

Thanks in advance for the help !

Ok It seems I found a way:

It's an elasticsearch mapping solution:

First I need to delete the current index.
Then I specify that the property is "keyword" and not text (t be aggregatable) + add the property "ignore_above" : 20000 to accept long string.

After that I just refresh the index in management.

If someone has a better solution I am always ok to hear it

Am glad you found a solution. Thanks for posting it here for the benefit of others. I shall also see if there can be more optimized solution for this.


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