Unable to visualise long text field in Kibana

Hi ,

I have an index in Elasticsearch in which one of the text fields(qtext) has values like below -

{ delete: "UsDetails", ordered: true, txnNumber: 381, $db: "apt", $clusterTime: { clusterTime: Timestamp(1607955967, 25), signature: { hash: BinData(0, A1E67538EDDC0E21C81960AF287), keyId: 688361470713454228204 } }, lsid: { id: UUID("12ac052a-2344-1112-ac97-b0bf6b58d3de") } }

I am trying to create a visualization in Kibana - aggregate metric count, group by the above field(qtext). But it does not work, it does not give any error, just says 'No Data to display'
The field is searchable and aggregatable.

Is it due to special characters in the field or just that the field is too large or how can I do aggregations on this field ?

If it says "no data to display", then typically it means that the filters on your visualization haven't matched any documents. It's not related to special characters or aggregations. Are you sure that your configuration will match documents?

Yes, documents are present, can be seen under discover tab. Moreover, there are no filters, if I aggregate by other fields, data shows up, but it doesn't work with the long text field.
Just trying to get the count of documents group'd by the text field.

If you're sure it's not related to the filters then it's not obvious from your question what the problem is. You can try looking at the Inspect menu to show what the actual Elasticsearch request is, and you can see if that request matches what you think is happening. Another option is to look at the mappings of your documents and make sure they are mapped correctly.

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