Certification exams: Elastic Docs allowed but no other notes, but Elastic Docs very limited

I am studying for the Elasticsearch Engineer certification exam after completing the On-Demand training course.

I took copious notes documenting every step of the way for every topic.

However, it looks like I can't use any outside notes and am reliant on the Elastic Docs (Welcome to Elastic Docs | Elastic) for any assistance during the exam.
But, this documentation appears to be very lacking.
For instance, if I want to search for Index Templates, I only get results for Java REST Client API, not an actual documentation of Index Templates and how to create them in the console or Kibana.

Is this intentional? Do I really have to memorize all of the console JSON commands for every training topic in the On-Demand training so that I can be ready for my exam, without any notes or help in the "Docs?"

I took the certification a couple of years ago and can say that you will have access only to the Elastic Documentation, locally saved on the provided environment.

You do not need to memorize anything, but you need to be confortable searching and finding things in the documentation because you will need to find everything through the documenation, not using google to go to the directing link.

This is mentioned in the certification FAQ.

You will be granted access to the Elastic documentation during the exam at Welcome to Elastic Docs | Elastic, so make sure you are comfortable with the layout of our docs and how to search. You will not have access to Google, Stack Overflow, or any other websites outside of our doc pages.

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