Certified Analyst practice exam issues

Version: <7.1x>
Question: Identical issue reported by many users previously, the VM build is outdated/bad.

Based on the instruction provided:
IMPORTANT: You need to define index patterns for the following indicies:
• users (which does not have any date fields)
• user_messages, using date as the Time Filter field
• apachelogs*, using @timestamp as the Time Filter field
There is no apachelogs* available whatsoever, the only three sets of indices available are users, raw-logs, and user_messages.
Additionally, the health of indices were showing up yellow 10 minutes into the instance bootup, whereas the sample data from default elastic (ecommerce, flight data, etc) showed up green immediately after loading.

More importantly, there is no field that contain data in the indices, I even searched up to 2 years back.

One more issue, I can't activate the 30 day trial to use ML. Clicking on the trial button doesn't do anything.

I'm having the same issues. Especially annoying to not have full subscription access to actually solve some of the practice exam questions!


We apologise for this issue, the data can take some time to be ingested so make sure to check the cluster a few minutes after you start your lab.

If you still don't have any data, it means the scripts failed to start, you can manually trigger it by running sh /home/ubuntu/timeshift.sh in the terminal.

This script will transform the raw-logs into the apachelogs* indices you'll use during this practice exam.

For the license, you don't need to activate the 30 days trial, a special license has already been activated for your cluster.

Let us know if you are still facing issues.


Hi all, I am having the same issue

This is the second time I have had the machine rebuilt, I have an exam on the Friday and the practice facility is not working for and it is now asking me to to add a lot more at the start. This not fault was not present on the first machine.

Still missing apachelogs, can’t machine learning question.

I tired the suggest about and it throws back no such file exists

Hello @Craig_Anderson I've fixed the issue with your dataset and license on your environment. You can login again and it should work fine.

Thank you very much no can see the logs.

One step forward and on back.

When completing a metric task to show a dynamically-calculates value.

How to i combat. A search error “cannot is ‘in’ operator to search for ‘type’ in??

How did you get that error? Did you create a TSVB visualization with dynamic markdown?

Yes that is what I was trying to do. It was one of the tasks I needed to complete but as soon as I select it it comes straight up with the error.

Also further to my last comment. I understand my licence due to end tomorrow but way do get constant pop ups saying this. It is really distracting and preventing that last little bit of revision before an exam.

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