Change advanced settings via API?

I can't see how to change an advanced setting via the API. If I use /api/saved_objects/_bulk_create and don't use overwrite then I get a 409 conflict failure, and if I do use overwrite then it appears that the entire set of advanced settings gets overwritten, not just the one I want to change.

Different way of asking the same question: How, using an API, do I set filters:pinnedByDefault to true without disturbing any other advanced settings there might be?

Hello Tim,

I think the only correct way for now is to call the API and read the current settings, update your setting and upload it again.

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Yeah, I was afraid of that, ta. Obvs this is possible to do from where I currently could put a curl command, a shell script running in an init container at installation time, but I might decide that it's so tedious to do that I don't bother.

I stumbled over this issue here which describes the inofficial way to that:

POST http://localhost:5601/api/kibana/settings

The downside is that this is undocumented and may be changed as this is a Kibana internal API

Ta. Yes, I found that eventually, but I think I'm deciding that I'm not desperate enough for that! - I'd rather do without the feature I'm thinking of implementing than leave a time bomb like that for a future maintainer.

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