Change Analyzer of suggest after indexing

Is there any way I can change the “analyzer” and “search_analyliser” in my suggest field? At the moment it’s set to “keyword” but I want to change it to “standard” ? Can I just close the index and change it and re-open it without losing data or will I have to re-index all the data?

If I can change it, then how would the query look like?

My existing mapping look like this.

"mappings": {
"item" : {
"properties" : {
"suggest" : {
"type" : "completion",
"analyzer" : "keyword",
"search_analyzer" : "keyword"
"part" : {
"type": "text"

Hi @manukaleel,

It is not possible to change your mapping. You will have to reindex your data.
You can create the new index with the correct mapping and use the reindex API to help you.

Hope it helps.


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