Changing Index Analyzers for Properties in Mapping


I have a custom index-time analyzer set in my current mapping for multiple properties, and I want to change it to a different one.

What I've done up until now is just change the template, however I've discovered this doesn't always update the mappings.

If I change this mapping to swap out the index-time analyzer for specific properties, does ES just re-index it correctly without any special effort in-place?

OR Do I need to close and open the index again?

OR Do I need to re-index the data?

This page:
mentions that I need to close and open it if I define a new one, (which I am not doing), but not what to do if I change the property index-time analyzer.

While it is possible to define new analyzers for an index (as described on the page that you linked), it is not possible to change the analyzer for an existing field in the mappings. The only option is to reindex the data to another index that has the updated mappings.

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