Change Elasticsearch configuration

Hi, I used Elasticsearch without shard&Replication configuration.
(Because I used only for saving some logs)

The data are increasing, So now I want to use shard & Replication.

I already have been using 3TB. Is it possible to change configuration?
(Now - 1 cluster, 3nodes)

Thank you.

You may need to clarify what you mean here. You have to have shards to have data in Elasticsearch, so saying you don't have it configured doesn't make sense sorry.

I agree with warkolm.
Even if you only save the log, the node must have a shard for it to work.

If you're confused about the terms,
I recommend reading this

I mean, I used default configuration(1 shard, 1 replica)
Is it possible to change this configuration?

Yes it is. You can define that in a template or in a mapping. has some guidance there.

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