Change home page (kibana 6.2)

I know that lot (most?) of you are in SFO, but let's ask anyway :wink:

Is it possible to (easily) change the kibana home that popped in 6.2 (localhost:5601/app/kibana#/home)?

thx (have a great 2018 user conf, opening keynote will start this night at 1:00 for me...)

Hi @zezz,

Thanks, it's looking to be a great conference. Hope to see you one of these days.

You can set kibana.defaultAppId to discover to revert to the previous functionality.

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Hi @tylersmalley,

(Hope I'll be there in a couple of years! Right now, I'll check the keynote announce about x-pack to be sure I've understood it correctly).

Thanks for your info. But my question was not clear enough: I want to modify the homepage content to fit my own needs.
After a more careful thinking, it would be better that I add some kind of logo right below Kibana logo and make it clickable. A click on the added logo would pop my own homepage. Thus I fulfill my needs and I keep the Kibana homepage untouched.

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