Change in Download URL Pattern?


Hi, I just wondered why some download links point to instead of for the new 5.0 alpha builds?

Is this intended and will this be the new URL pattern?

I ask because the firewall at work will allow downloads from (like in the past) but not from .

Of course manually rewriting the URL helps for now. But if the pattern will change, I will have to talk to networks dpt. again...

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Where did you see that?


sorry, I missed to include links, my bad :frowning:

Followed these links:

(scroll down to 5.x)

ZIP Download ->

and refers to it, too

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Good catch! I'm going to report that.

Thanks a lot!

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This will be fixed shortly.

Note that you can use the domain instead:


yep, did this for the two downloads and works fine :slight_smile:


@dadoonet this is still pointing to instead of

and there are still some other occurences according to'' :slight_smile:

Not to be a nitpicker just to avoid my proxy problems :wink:

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@Clinton_Gormley Could you check please?

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