The only place to get 5.0 upon release will be Elastic Cloud? Huh?

(John Craig) #1

OK maybe I'm thoroughly confused. Is the ES 5.0.0. Alpha 3 announcement really saying that I won't be able to run ES 5 on my own servers? "the only place to get 5.0 upon release will be Elastic Cloud"

If so, I'm now looking for ES alternatives. :frowning: I suspect it was meant as a joke or flippant way to say that the only "cloud based" offering of ES is on Elastic Cloud. Might want to edit that post as it's hit hacker news already.

(Nik Everett) #2

Silly wording I think. Elasticsearch is Apache licensed and will stay that
way. When we cut releases they will go everywhere at once. Including cloud,
the deb and rpm repositories, and the tar and zip downloads. Maven central
gets updated soon after. Maybe they meant to say that it'd be available as
soon as the release? I dunno.

(Shane Connelly) #3

Yeah, the meaning is that we plan to release 5.0 and when we do, Elastic the company will be releasing on our Elastic Cloud offering at the same time. We'll be the only cloud provider of Elasticsearch to do this. There are no plans to remove the standard deb/rpm/zip downloads and you might even see a new way to install around then (msi installer anybody?)

(John Craig) #4

Cool - thanks @shanec and @nik9000. I do think it would save some more cycles to update that wording a tad. :slight_smile:

(Shane Connelly) #5

Yeah, thanks for pointing it out @John_Craig . We've updated the blog post and provided an authors note to indicate what was changed.

(Davidkarlsen) #6

But the docker images seem to only be available through the cloud docker registry? That's a bit of a disappointment. :frowning:

(system) #7