Before I pull the trigger on this upgrade

So I'm fixing to upgrade from es 1.76. to the latest. I'm assuming there's no way to salvage the that correct? Thanks.


can you be more specific what you mean here? While you cannot upgrade from 1.7 to 5.1 directly, you could upgrade to 2.x first and then upgrade to 5.x or you could try to use reindex from remote from your new 5.x cluster and see if that works.


Thanks Alex. Yea my plan is to upgrade the current instance...I wan't planning on upgrading to 2.x, and then to 5, but I guess I could. Is there somewhere I can look to see about the steps to take from 1.7 to 2? I'm assuming that since this is all on the same box, that after I do the upgrade to 2 I could just install 5.1 and things would be fine yes? Thanks again.

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