Moving From ES 5.x to 7.x and OS Upgrade

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I have a clustered ES 5.x environment that I need to do a few things.

1.) Upgrade the Server OS from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 possibly 20.04. When we attempted this last week, we tried to upgrade by using... “sudo do-release-upgrade” then accepting the default and once it was all done, our ES instance was just gone... yeah, gone. So i asked about this earlier this week and trying to plan the best path forward.

2.) Our ES instance is an older version 5.x and we want to upgrade to 7.x.

So if this was your task, what order would you do things and Is there a clean path to upgrade from 5.x to 7.x? Do I need to upgrade to 7.x first or upgrade the OS first and such. We have the cluster back from using VM snapshots and such, so now I need to reapproach this again and im nervous as to the best path forward.

Any insight would be A HUGE THANKS

Did you use the Ubuntu repo for Elasticsearch or our direct one?

TBH I would spin up a new cluster with a new OS and then do a remote reindex. It's clean and you have a back out plan.

I believe a direct one if I’m not mistaken. How can i tell? (If you dont mind sheading some light).

I thought about a new and reindexing, but too many things are running against it. I’m thinking of upgrading one node at a time in order to keep the cluster alive. Upgrading the OS first to the latest LTS and then moving from 5.5.1 to 5.6 then to 6.x and then the latest 7.x. This is the way its been laid out in the docs.


There should be a file under /etc/repos.d (I think).

That won't work until you hit 6.8. So to go from 5.X to 6.X you need a complete outage.


So I can bring the whole cluster down a while, but what order do i need to upgrade.

Do I need to take each node from 5.5.1 to 5.6 and then from 5.6 to 6.8 then to the latest 7.x?

Also, do I have to reindex the data at some point along the way?

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Will 5.5.1 work with Ubuntu 20.04? The company wants to get the server OS upgraded first and then plan the upgrade of ES

I'd strongly suggest reading Upgrade Elasticsearch | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic and it's sub pages.

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