ElasticSearch Upgrade to 5.6

We are currently running Elasticsearch version 2.4. We are planning to upgrade to ES 5.6. We ran the upgrade advisor and we took care of the issues. We are planning to upgrade by setting up a new cluster and restoring the snapshots. What are the known issues during an upgrade? Do we have to take any precautions before upgrading?

5.6 is EOL and not supported. You would be better off starting a 7.16 cluster and then doing a remote reindex into it from your 2.X cluster.

@warkolm Thanks for the response. Yes, we are planning to upgrade ES to 7.x. The cluster is huge (100's of TB in size) and remote reindexing is not an option at this time. So, we have to do the upgrade in multiple phases. Can you please provide any advice or point me to documents on known issues related to the upgrade?

Your best bet is to start here - Upgrading Elasticsearch | Elasticsearch Reference [5.6] | Elastic

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