First Time Upgrade

Hello, i am using ES 2.2.0 and i have to upgrade it to 6.5, i read that first i would need to upgrade to 5.x and then from there i will need to upgrade to 6.5. But my problem is that i am totally new user to Elasticsearch. Does someone has full process or documentation and if they can share how i can achieve this ? Also want to mention that on the server where Elasticsearch is running there is Postgres installed as well, i also would like to know what is the functionality of Postgres on Elasticsearch server and do i need to upgrade Postgres as well ????
Any help from anyone will be deeply appreciated.


I'd use the reindex from remote feature to reindex the whole data in a clean cluster running 7.6.0.

If you really want to upgrade then read:

PostgreSQL is not related to elasticsearch. And nothing else should run on the same machine as elasticsearch if you are looking for better performance. Specifically no datastore should be running as it can steal a lot of IO.

Thanks a lot, i will go through this and see how it goes

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