Want to upgrade Elasticsearch from 5.4.3 to 7


I am planning to upgrade my elasticsearch cluster from version 5.4.3 to the latest 7. I am running all my nodes through .bat file. So any thing specially regarding confuguration i have to worry about ?? Or just configure the elasticsearch as my older version and give the path of index will work for me ??

Please help me... As there are so many releases in between...

There are indeed.

You can have 2 scenarios depending on your case:

  • upgrade to latest 5.6 version, check the upgrade assistant, upgrade to 6.7 version, check the upgrade assistant, upgrade to 7.0
  • start a new cluster running 7.0 and use reindex from remote to reindex the data from your 5.4 cluster.

I have a preference for the later.

Thank you so much Sir for your valuable suggestion....

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