Changing aggregation size effects doc_count

Hi all,

I have a strange issue when changing the aggregation size and doc_counts returned. It's a straight-forward wildcard query using query_string with some filters applied, and one aggregation. Setting the size to 10, I have a key in the bucket with a doc_count of 4. If I only change the size of the aggregation from 10 to 20, the doc_count for the same key changes to 6. Any idea what the issue might be? I'm using Elasticsearch version: 5.3.1 set up as a 3-node cluster.

Thanks for any help!


The results of the terms aggregation can have a small error, see the following page of the documentation for an in-depth explanation as to why this is the case:

As mentioned on that page, you can use the shard_size parameter to trade more resource usage for better accuracy.

Oh I see, clearly explained. Thanks Colin.

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