Changing APM server configuration on Elastic Cloud

Hi, I updated yesterday my deployment on Elastic Cloud to the latest 7.6.0 version and I'm trying to configure APM server so that server can receive Jaeger data.

I'm adding apm-server.jaeger.http.enabled: true to the configuration which I found out in the official documentation, but when I try to save this configuration I have an error saying: 'apm-server.jaeger.grpc.enabled': is not allowed.

So my question is, when this will be available on Elastic Cloud also?

Hello @tomicarsk6 ! While we usually aim to make APM features available on Elastic Cloud with each stack release we had to make an exception with the jaeger grpc intake due to the networking updates involved. We're working to resolve those but don't have a timeline for Elastic Cloud release at this time - I've opened an issue for you to track progress.

Ok @gil, thank you for this useful information :slight_smile:

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