Changing elastic password via Kibana doesn't update the yml file

Using Elasticsearch 5.6.3 with xpack 5.6.3 and Kibana 5.6.3. When going to the elastic option in Kibana and changing Elastics password, it successfully changes for Elasticsearch.

After a While (probably after recycling), Kibana server and Kibana crash. In the Kibana.yml file the password for elasticsearch is still set at the original password. After changing this to be the same as that for elasticsearch and re-starting the kibana server, kibana starts working again.

What does this mean?

Every now and again Kibana suddenly logs me out and I have to sign in again. I'm assuming this is when it recycles. It even does this sometimes when I'm in the middle of typing a query. Nothing responds even when I refresh the browser. I usually have to close the browser at this point and stop and restart the kibana server before it comes back to life. This happens regardless of the browser that I'm using.

This sounds like the cause of the password problem.

What do the Kibana logs show?

there are no kibana logs. The elastic logs show authentication error's which co-oberates that the kibana.yml file isn't being kept in sync with any password changes made through Kibana. I dont know the products well enough under the hood. It could be an X-Pack issue.

There are no kibana logs at all?
Not even from when you start the process to when it does this recycling?

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