Changing filters and time within an embedded Kibana iFrame

I'm using Kibana v6.2.5 that is embedded inside an iframe in my app. Since the embedded iframe does not allow time filter and search bars, I created those two to pass the parameters. Any change in the time dropdown or submission in the search bar input alters the Kibana URL feeding the iframe. So far, so good.

However, when I try changing the filters inside the iframe by clicking on visualizations and then change the time by selecting a date in my custom date-box, Kibana does not preserve the filters. The time filter gets applied but the chosen filters get lost.

Is there any way to preserve the chosen filters? I saw the Network tab on Chrom DevTools and it seems like every time I choose a filter (e.g., by clicking on a pie chart), Kibana makes a request to /_msearch with a huge payload. Is there any way this can be done through the URL as I'm essentially trying to preserve both time and chosen filters.

Thank you

@timroes can we please get some help here?


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