Changing kibana colors

hi plz i want to change the sidebar color and the logo of kibana 5.1.2 plz i found articles about kibana 4.X but not kibana5

Hi @Maher.Glenza,

there is no officially supported way of changing the theme of Kibana right now. The forum thread Replace the kibana logo? contains some examples of replacing the logo in 5.x.

ok thank you
did you understand me about the side bar ?

hey weltenwort i tried what they said but i don t see changes and i don t have the directory optimize/bundles/src

I can only hope to have understood you correctly :wink: Changing the color of the sidebar would be a stylesheet change. Since the stylesheets are compiled into a single assets bundle, there is no easy way of replacing them selectively. If you feel adventurous you could try to create a "hack" plugin using to add inline styles to the DOM after loading.

I've forked Kibana to style it, changing the colors.less. You can try a hack as well as I did with the link above. It's not the "best" or "easiest" way but it does avoid the need for merge and forking Kibana.

thank you Kikketer

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