[Kibana 6.x]Changing logo & UI elements


I'm trying to change a couple of the Kibana UI elements.

  • Top left logo
  • Loading logo when you open Kibana
  • Xpack login page (the logo and the background color)

I did some searches on which files to edit but I cannot seem to find the right one. I found a few topic about editing chrome.js or global_nav.less but editing those files doesn't seem to have any effect even after clearing all browser cache and restarting Kibana (did not try optimizing by installing/uninstalling a plugin).

Could somebody point me to the right files to edit?

After you make CSS changes you need to install any 'dummy' plugin to trigger bundle compilation/generation - which will contain your customization. I am not aware of any other way to trigger recompilation, other than installing a plugin.

Hopefully Elastic will add an option to at least change Kibana logo/main color - the current method to do that is not very sustainable and scalable.

Is that really necessary? Some of the forum posts indicite this isn't necessary and after changing the loading circle color in ui_app.jade I only had to restart Kibana.

However other changes to colors don't seem to work with just a restart.

I'd also like to change the navbar and mouse hover/over colors.

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