Customizing UI in Version 6.7.1

I have recently upgraded my Elastic stack to version 6.7.1. However, I am no longer able to customize the UI like I had previously. I have edited the /usr/share/kibana/src/ui/public/chrome/directives/global_nav/global_nav.less file to add a new logo into the upper left hand corner of the page. I cannot seem to customize the navigation pane on the left hand side to change the colors. I have tried editing the following files with the appropriate hex colors:

Each time I have tried editing a file, I stop kibana. remove the bundles directory (unless I edited that file), and restart kibana. I have had no success with any of these attempts.

Is there another file I should be working to edit? Or perhaps there is a particular line in one of these files that I am missing, although i have extensively searched through each of these. Please let me know! Thanks!

Hello Megan,

A couple of thoughts here.

I played around with this recently on version 6.6 for this other discuss issue and was able to modify the UI through a couple of css files.

Also, easier versions of this functionality are frequently requested. You may want to follow the issue here.


Hi Aaron,
Thanks for your quick response. I have read the thread, and followed the discussion for the issue.

I read your post that you linked, and I changed literally every single color in the file in /optimize/bundles/ and not one of those adjusts the colors of side panel on the left. Do you know anything about this, or perhaps how to go about adjusting the index.html file that you had mentioned in the previous thread. I know that there are multiple index.html files within the kibana folder so I was wondering if you had any guidance here. Thanks!

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