Kibana 6.6.0 GUI Customization

I am working on customizing my Kibana GUI. I have been able to do most of what I want, referencing several discussions previously opened.
I am having an issue with the Icon on the left panel.
I AM able to change it, but I would like to see if there is a way to choose an icon for expanded view, and a different icon for collapsed view, as that would make my life a whole lot easier.
Also, to the best of your knowledge, is there a specific file in optimize/bundles directory that when removed would trigger the re-optimization of bundles?

Thanks for any help.

it is a shitty process I am doing it right now in Kibana 6.8.0 I recommend following this guide.

Thanks for your reply. I've actually attempted using this guide with a majority of success. My biggest issue is to get Logo A for expanded sidebar and Logo B for collapsed sidebar. I can't seem to figure it out, and it doesn't seem like anyone else has.

BTW, a quick partial answer to one of my original questions, If you want to trigger re-optimization of bundles of without deleting all of them, you can simply delete the bundles of one of the plugins present (machine learning etc etc) and that would also force it to re-optimize and cache bundles

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