How to change logo in Kibana 7.8.0

I've found multiple posts about how to do this in earlier versions, but none of the solutions i saw worked on kibana 7.8.0. What can i do to change the loading screen elastic logo and the kibana logo in the sidebar?

I've past the last 3-4 days trying to figure out how to change the background colour of the login screen, it seems with 7.8.0 unlike previous versions, its not as simple as editing the css and would require the creation of a plugin from what I understand from answers to my post.

I was able to modify 6 other web based tools and the previous version of kibana without any problems or much googling but 7.8.0 has defeated me, I've almost given up at this point everything is inherited, I can't find from where, any changes I make doesn't seem to reflect as if its cached

I even grep + sed the entire /kibana folder and changed every single instance of #fafbfd to the colour I wanted, both hex/rbg and #fafbfd is nowhere to be found now yet I can't get rid of that darn white and when I inspect the page, its still showing #fafbfd. Forced rebuild and cleared caches and all yet its still there...

I will more than likely downgrade until a more user friendly solution is brought up by the development team...

Thanks for the reply, I wasn't sure if I was just missing something. I'll see if downgrading is an acceptable solution for me.

FYI, I found a way to change the colors and logos in 7.8 without the need for plugins and such. I still need to work a bit on it but don't lose hope. Once I figured the whole thing, I'll make a post on how to edit the themes and such.

cool, thanks for the update. i found the code that generates the loading screen logo in 7.8, but it's generated javascript code generating an svg, so i decided to just use 7.6 instead of writing an html parser to generate the code.

if you could achieve the logo change in 7.8.0, can you please post an update. As mentioned in the post, 7.8.0 doesn't look same as prior versions.

Which logo exactly on the login/loading screen or once logged in the upper left logo? I managed to modify quite a bit of the look so far. Give me 5 mins I will post something in my original post on how I achieve the changes.

In 7.6.0 currently we deployed, we have changed loading, upper left and favicon. Would like to achieve the same. Please post whatever you could achieve. I will start from there. Thank you!

Head to my original topic, I posted it there.

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