Changing label on x-axis

I am using bar chart to generate data. Using Date-Histogram and splitting it monthly.

Here x-axis shows starting date of the month, but i want to have month name (viz Jan, Feb etc). So is it included in latest release?

Also when i am using date histogram, first record with the month is not visible,
For eg: I have range from January to December
The Graph will split monthly but record of January will not have any indication in x- axis.

Please let me know if i need to upgrade my kibana. Currently using version 5.2.0.

If i understud correctly you need to use a screpted field. here you can find documentation
For create that you should use Painless Scripting Language and here you can find the documentation .

no i am not talking about scripted field. I want label on x-axis as month name rather than date.

That's not currently possible, you can only do by date.

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