Changing master/data/ingest node to be dedicated master

I currently am running a 4 node instance of Elasticsearch, and on one node we have an instance of Elasticsearch and Logstash running. This node has a master/data/ingest role, but that in combination with the Logstash instance is proving to be CPU intensive. We however are adding a 5 node to the cluster so to alleviate some of the cpu load on the Elasticsearch/Logstash node we changing it to be a dedicated master role. My question is what would be the correct process to change the role of a node to limit damage and downtime. I understand you can change roles in the elasticsearch.yml , but if I change the role to not be a data node anymore would this effect the index shards currently on that node? In turn would that effect the rest of the cluster? I should add that our indices are running with number of replicas set to 1.

You will need to run an exclude allocation filter to remove shards from the node, shut it down, change the role, then restart it.

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