Changing node roles in the future

Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions about clustering and changing node roles:

For all scenarios below, I would first shut down the entire cluster, make changes to the config files for each node and bring the cluster back up.
I am looking to implement scenario 1 down the line, scenarios 2 and 3 are stated to understand behaviour.

Scenario 1
Changing a data-only node to master+data

  • I would imagine this would work seamlessly? It would continue to hold its own primary shards and replica shards from other nodes, but would also now participate in master responsibilities.

Scenario 2
Changing a master+data node to data-only

  • Again, would this work seamlessly?

Scenario 3
Changing a master+data/data-only node to master-only

  • Would the primary and replica shards be transferred to other nodes in the cluster or do I have to manually transfer/route them?

Thank you!

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