Changing similarities

Perhaps more of a Lucene-level question, but perhaps elasticsearch provides
a workaround.

I am currently using document-level boosts, which really translates to
changing the norm for every field under the covers. As part of an
experiment, I want to use a custom scoring script, but that would require
either re-indexing content without the boosts or changing the scoring
algorithm (similarity).

If I create my own similarity, which would be identical to the
default/TFIDF similarity but with the norm hardcoded to 1.0. The Lucene
source warns against such behaviour. I am assuming this is because
computeNorm is only run at index time,but shouldn't I be able to override
score() and ignore the decodeNormValue calculation?

Just some thoughts for now. Creating a plugin for a custom similarity is
easy, but I will not go down that path if my thinking is incorrect.



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