Changing Status Column in DataTable based on Condition


Need some help from the community as I very new to the ELK stack.

I am fetching data from mysql db using mysql-replicator of fluentd and pushing it to elasticsearch. And displaying the data in the kibana datatable and that is working fine but on my use case I need to add a data column which will be the status of four types up, down, high utilisation and packet drop.

There are columns in DB table which contains the Status column which contain string of two types "up" and "down", BW which contains the bandwidth in Integer and OutputRate which contains Integer.

From that table data I have to calculate the last 60 data of status column and the find the following condition:-
1. up - if all the last 60 data in Status column is up then it will show up
2. down - if all the last 60 data in Status is down then it will show down
3. high utilisation - if Outputrate > BW * 0.8 then it will show high utilization
4. packet drop - if 15% of the last 60 data in Status column is down then packet drop

Thanks to all in advance.

This is not something you could do with the data table. I would suggest looking at the Visual Builder visualization which allows for conditionals - there are few ways you could represent what you're looking for. Additionally, take a look at Canvas.

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Thank you, buddy, for the reply.

But can you please guide me to get a tutorial or some material regarding my use-case to achieve the goal as I am struggling with it, for a few days and not getting proper tutorial on the internet.

As I am new to this stack some tutorial or a proper walk-through is really helpful.

Thank you a lot.

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